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Date of Birth: 02/24/2023
Gender: Male
Sire: Barnum
Dam: Gabana

Orson the French Bulldog

Let this little guy “Pop,” into your life! Always so happy to be around people and other animals.  Litter box trained, started introduction to crate training and learning his house manners.  Loves cats and other animals, would be great in a multiplet home or single home.

A Ray of Sunshine

Orson’s happy demeanor and bubbly personality make him a delightful addition to any family. His tail never stops wagging, and his joyful antics are sure to keep you entertained. With Orson around, every moment is filled with laughter and love.

Training and Manners

Like his siblings, Orson is progressing beautifully in his training. He’s litter box trained, and his introduction to crate training has started smoothly. His house manners are developing nicely, and he’s eager to adapt to his new loving home.

Price: $3,500

Why wait to bring such cheer and companionship into your life? Experience the joy of having a loyal pet and the sophistication of the luxurious lifestyle you desire.

Add Orson To Your Family Today!

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